My Editorial Calendar

Posted on December 13, 2017


Editorial calendars provide structure so you can get in to the rhythm of writing a business blog or personal blog on a regular basis.

It’s like a magazine with different departments or a TV newscast where a lead story kicks off, sports comes in the middle, there’s weather and then fluff at the end.

Don Editorial Calendar Screenshot

This is simple, no frills. An editorial calendar can then have social media posts added to it, plus giveaways using sophisticated solutions or simple tables and spreadsheets.

Creativity begins with a framework and an editorial calendar is one step in creating that framework. Your own writing will benefit since you’ll have a pattern to follow, but one that also allows you to be creative.

I’m writing this post now because I’ve been struggling with my own blog and editorial calendar. It’s easier handling it for clients or advising other people. That’s quite the principal, isn’t it? The skilled village cobbler had difficulty keeping shoes on his own kids’ feet.

My own challenge has been developing my brand and service model during the past few years and that itself is a long story. But it’s coming into view and taking shape.

I’d say the message hierarchy is this:

  • You / Your Company’s Mission & Vision Statement
  • The Core Product / Offering
  • Your Message Highlights
  • Your Editorial Calendar
  • Creating
  • Distributing

So the editorial calendar is a link from your values and the central strengths of your product to the creative process and sending the message to your audiences.

The once-a-week calendar fits nicely with simple variations like a three times a week calendar:

Mon — Topic 1

Wed – Topic 2

Fri — Topic 3

Or do three blog posts a week on Tues, Wed, Thurs.

Or two blog posts a month. Whatever amount you decide to write is fine. Plan it out and stick with it to develop a consistent pattern. Any business large or small can act as a content publisher and a simple editorial calendar will create a framework to make your writing efficient.

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