My Editorial Calendar

December 13, 2017


Editorial calendars provide structure so you can get in to the rhythm of writing a business blog or personal blog on a regular basis. It’s like a magazine with different departments or a TV newscast where a lead story kicks off, sports comes in the middle, there’s weather and then fluff at the end. This […]

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Add a crime novel to your Christmas list for a Nitty Gritty Christmas

November 15, 2017


Crime doesn’t stop during Christmas — neither does hope. Tom Stone: Nitty Gritty Christmas is available on Amazon in print and ebook formats. Experience the pursuit of justice and desire for family in Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas Tom Stone and his partner Jake Sharpe pursue a small-time drug lord who has poisoned candy […]

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Introducing my So Cal lifestyle site: Where We Live Work

April 4, 2015


Southern California is a wonderfully complex and often overwhelming place to live. My interests are varied and as a writer that presents a challenge because there’s only a limited amount of time each week to write. Business and entrepreneurs interest me, regional travel around So Cal is of interest to me, and so are topics […]

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CNBC’s Restaurant Startup brings true reality to the viewer

January 14, 2015


“Restaurant Startup” Season Two premieres January 13 on CNBC at 10 pm ET/PT and was shot on a set that by Hollywood standards resembled the set of a low budget film. It’s not just that reality TV costs less to produce than scripted comedies and dramas but “Restaurant Startup” focuses on the real life drama […]

The Perseverance of Matt and Grace Huang

December 6, 2014


Matt and Grace Huang are finally home after spending almost two years in a nightmare in the Persian Gulf emirate of Qatar after the sudden death of their daughter Gloria in January 2013. A case of international misunderstanding surrounding adoption, it also made me stop and pray often for their release. I’ve only met the […]

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Thanksgiving is courageous hope out of chaos

November 27, 2014


While the first Thanksgiving focuses on the Pilgrims giving thanks while in tough circumstances, the holiday makes me think of a selection from the biography of John Adams, written by David McCullough. Adams and his wife Abigail were often separated for weeks at a time as he rode to and from Boston and Philadelphia and […]

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Roasted duck, Obamacare, and California’s sunshine — not necessarily in that order

February 21, 2014


Yet another day of temps in the low 80s. Ugh. This is February 21? A hint of jasmine is in the air like it’s a spring morning and I know that’s slightly different from my family’s home in western Pennsylvania where they’ve been treated like they’re a wide receiver and the snow is Seattle Seahawks […]

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Behind the Scenes at a Family Run Dairy Farm and Memorable Christmas Gifts

December 16, 2013


  Rockview Farms is a successful family run dairy in Downey, California – the last independently run dairy in California that distributes its own milk and owns its cows. Curt DeGroot gave me a tour of the dairy’s fluid processing plant and gave me his perspective on the southern California economy and why their business […]

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Walid Azami interview on his work with Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War” music video

November 21, 2013


We often don’t get to meet the people behind the celebrities we see on TV, splashed across the magazine covers, or who appear larger-than-life on the Big Screens. Photographer-videographer and director Walid Azami was a pleasure to interview. I met him in West LA this week and wrote up his work on directing the Tamar […]

What I Learned from a Herd of Fiberglass Elephants in Dana Point

November 18, 2013


Elephants with a picture of Lily Tomlin, a Betty Boop doll, and one carrying a surfboard were my focus yesterday at the Grand Auction of the 2013 Elephant Parade in Dana Point. The event really was a perfect combination of business involvement, art, and a global cause with tremendous cooperation and leadership from the City […]