Introducing my So Cal lifestyle site: Where We Live Work

Posted on April 4, 2015


Southern California is a wonderfully complex and often overwhelming place to live. My interests are varied and as a writer that presents a challenge because there’s only a limited amount of time each week to write. Business and entrepreneurs interest me, regional travel around So Cal is of interest to me, and so are topics like home improvement and careers.

I finally found a way to pull all my varied interests together in one site that focuses on life and the lifestyle in Southern California: It’s Where We Live Work

Each month, I’ll have at least one main feature article in each category. For March and April, I’ve written up Rare Bird Films, Dr. Paul Campion who helps men in middle age gain optimum health, and British actress Linette Beaumont.

Now, I don’t know why but linking doesn’t seem to be working in this blog so write the title in your browser. 🙂