Roasted duck, Obamacare, and California’s sunshine — not necessarily in that order

Posted on February 21, 2014


Yet another day of temps in the low 80s. Ugh. This is February 21? A hint of jasmine is in the air like it’s a spring morning and I know that’s slightly different from my family’s home in western Pennsylvania where they’ve been treated like they’re a wide receiver and the snow is Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

Roasted duck with butternut, orzo, wild arugula, enoki mushrooms

Roasted duck with butternut, orzo, wild arugula, enoki mushrooms

There are two articles I’ve recently written of note. One is about chef Conrad Gallagher. I was a guest at a kick-off event for his company, Vanity Catering and Events and he prepared a four-course lunch that included roasted duck. I liked it.

Click here to read Conrad Gallagher’s profile on Don

The other article was part of a lengthy interview with a neurosurgeon from Phoenix who has alternate solutions to Obamacare. Dr. Kris Smith brought up the fact that nothing in the Affordable Care Act addresses physician liability.

He authored a book titled It’s Not Brain Surgery.

Click here to read the article on my LA Business News Examiner page.


Warm temperatures in Los Angeles, roast duck, and Obamacare. Sometimes it’s a pleasure to write in free form.

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