Behind the Scenes at a Family Run Dairy Farm and Memorable Christmas Gifts

Posted on December 16, 2013



Curt DeGroot Don warehouseRockview Farms is a successful family run dairy in Downey, California – the last independently run dairy in California that distributes its own milk and owns its cows.

Curt DeGroot gave me a tour of the dairy’s fluid processing plant and gave me his perspective on the southern California economy and why their business has endured since the DeGroots bought Rockview Farms in 1966.

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Looking for a Memorable Christmas Gift?

I wrote a brief article to spur some ideas for memorable Christmas gifts. I could write a much longer list and maybe I will for next year.

I used comments from 3 people who are part of the Los Feliz Business Networking Professionals organization I attend each Thursday morning in Los Feliz.

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