My Week in Review: California’s Economy, Asian Elephants, Typhoon Haiyan, Black Friday

Posted on November 16, 2013


California Economic Summit

Kish is director of GO-Biz

Kish is director of GO-Biz

A week ago, I covered the 2013 California Economic Summit in Los Angeles and had the chance to visit with Kish Rajan, of GO-Biz. He put a positive spin on the business climate in California. Of course he does work for the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. I asked him a number of questions you can read in my interview with him on

One question was, “Are businesses leaving California?” I’ve heard the reports a few times each month and have read the Internet postings. He said, “There is no trend [of companies leaving the state]. The numbers don’t bear that out.” California’s economy does seem like it’s going great guns–if you live along the coast and are in the high-tech sector.

I’ll be writing and researching more on the state’s economy. As an adoptive dad who has been through some tremendous family upheavals the past few years, it occurred to me that a “together” family, or one with people supportive of each other, is one of the greatest assets an economy can have. It’s a thought worth developing for an essay.

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Dana is inviting U.S. cities to contact him for the next Elephant Parade.

Dana is inviting U.S. cities to contact him for the next Elephant Parade.

Dana Yarger is an art collector who has a passion for Asian elephant conversation. He’s the U.S. Ambassador at large for the Elephant Parade held in Dana Point. It wraps up this weekend and Dana is in search of the next U.S. city.

He and I had a terrific chat and he said the Elephant Parade can be used as a model for other social issues. He said if he has one in downtown LA, he can envision some children in foster care working to paint one of the creations.

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Founder of Animation Vertigo

Founder of Animation Vertigo

Marla Rausch is in Irvine running Animation Vertigo and she has a staff of 35 people in Manila. I interviewed her as well for the Examiner this week. They’re doing a water drive among other activities. She is Filipino and had a great perspective on the spirit of the Filipinos rising above disaster.

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If you’re an independent retailer in Southern California, greater Los Angeles, I’d like to interview you on Black Friday sales if you’re having one. The big brands get lots of free publicity with people like me writing about them. Let me write about you as well.

Seems like it’s happening earlier this year and probably for safety reasons.

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