Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Vision to Restore Los Angeles

Posted on October 19, 2013


I wrote up Mayor Eric Garcetti’s speech to a group of San Fernando Valley business leaders and he painted an inspiring picture of what Los Angeles can be. The mayor said the city has “an embarrassment of riches” and says he’s moving internally to make Los Angeles a 21st century city.

Garcetti 2He trumpeted a neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach to restoring LA’s “greatness” and said the San Fernando Valley will be at the heart of his renewal efforts. He raised the question, “When’s the last time you’ve seen a picture of anything in the San Fernando Valley at LAX?” Marketing the city is a top priority along with improving public transportation to the airport.

Another reporter who follows Garcetti said an interesting approach would be looking at all of the mayor’s top priorities.

Here are two articles I wrote and uploaded to the Examiner where I am the LA Business News Examiner. Click on the titles to read the articles.

Article 1 Mayor Garcetti on Marketing LA and SFV

Article 2 Turning LA City Dept Managers into Leaders

He was received enthusiastically. His talk and his energy got me to thinking how politicians sometimes say they want to run government like a business, but they can’t. There’s a tremendous gulf between an expansive city government and most business operations. A future essay.

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