An Inspiring Entrepreneur and How He Recovered from a Health Crisis

Posted on October 19, 2013


I had the good fortune to interview Yehuda Packer this week. He’s the CEO of a security systems company and in 2010 he found out he had a brain tumor. He was working with the LAPD and running his company.

Yehuda surg shrunkThe story is an excellent example of why it’s necessary to have supportive people in your life and develop those relationships. Yehuda recovered but it took a full year. His wife and children were positive and friends working with the LAPD helped take care of his needs. He said faith in God is the number one priority and I had the chance to ask his advice for how entrepreneurs could prepare before a crisis struck.

Click on any of the links below to read Yehuda’s story:

Running a Small Administration articles 3 ways a small business owner survived a brain tumor Entrepreneur and former LAPD supports National Brain Tumor Society

When facing challenges that seem insurmountable, stories like Yehuda’s are important to recall.

yehuda banne shrunk


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