Taking Action Against Brain Tumors in Orange County

Posted on September 20, 2013


The Orange County Brain Tumor Walk is an inspiring event that shows the value of battling a disease.

Families in Orange County who havBTW_HB_slideshow_photo_1e relatives or friends living with brain tumors or need support can turn to the event taking place tomorrow September 21 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

Nearly 700,000 people in the United States are living with a primary brain tumor. There are only four (4) FDA-approved treatments, options for patients are limited and advancements toward new therapies are underfunded. There is no cure.

About 69,000 more people will be diagnosed this year with more than 4,000 being children.

The Orange County Walk raised $145,000 in 2012 and that total is expected to be surpassed in 2013.

Click here for walk information and to learn more about the National Brain Tumor Society.

Here are the top five teams and fundraising totals as of September 20.

1 –  UC Irvine Neuro-Oncology ($12,029.00)
2 –  Coach Cleaveland ($10,716.00)
3 –  Fohrman’s Fighters ($8,775.00)
4 –  Rich People ($7,950.00)
5 –  Team Hoag ($6,575.00)

UC Irvine Health is sponsor of the event. It is Orange County’s only university-affiliated health care provider with 4,400 staff.

The event is in its 18th year and began in 1995 when a motivated brain tumor survivor named Chris Kuchera Hemker led a small group of volunteers in organizing an event on Angel Island, a California State Park located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, to benefit what was then the National Brain Tumor Foundation.

In 2013, a total of 11 events will take place around the U.S. to fund brain tumor research.


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