Pray for an Adoptive Mom and Dad Jailed in the Middle East Country of Qatar

Posted on August 25, 2013


I’m writing about Matt and Grace Huang this morning and I’ll probably write about them a few times per month.

Matt and Grace Huang with Their Children

Matt and Grace Huang with Their Children

They are in jail in the country of Qatar where Matt was working on an engineering project through a Colorado-based engineering company.

Matt and Grace’s 8-year-old special needs daughter adopted from an African country died in January and Matt and Grace are being held in jail with the charge of having starved her to death.

I’ll provide links to further reading about them but first I thought of 3 things my wife and I have in common with them:

Adoption – we have adopted our children who are 3 different races out of foster care

Church – we attend Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena where we have met them

Isolation – I know the challenge of navigating courts and social workers and handling the deep emotional wounds and needs and being pulled out of every day life and losing all sense of structure.

I don’t, however, know what it is like to be wrongly jailed in a completely different country and culture.

Here are 2 important links to learn more about Matt and Grace Huang:

Click here for Free Matt and Grace

Click here for the California Innocence Project, Matt and Grace Huang page

Please log on to the pages, read them, forward them via social media accounts you may have, and then check back here for action steps to take.

I don’t want to leave this in a vacuum.

Another topic that I will write about is Redemption and Suffering. In the “Church” there is not enough attention paid to bringing both topics together.

As an adoptive dad and very, very young grandfather there are many ways I’ve observed the “suffering” involved bringing a child from chaos into a family where he or she knows she is loved and cared for.

I’ll save this essay for another time.

Today, please pray for Matt and Grace and their eventual release from prison and a healthy reuniting with their boys and extended family members.


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