The Psyche of the Sports Fan and the Fragile Hopes of Pirates fans

Posted on August 5, 2013


I subscribed to this year halfway through the major league baseball season so I could watch the Pirates and their quest for a winning season and a division title or playoff birth.

They haven’t had a winning season in 20 years and with about 9 weeks left in the season, they have the best record in baseball.

I realized why sports faPittsburgh Pirates Promotionns love when their favorite team wins and especially when the team is an underdog. It gives the fan a belief not just in the team, but in the city and perhaps in themselves personally.

The thinking could go something like this: if they can do it and overcome the odds then I can do it as well.

Do you or have you ever thought that way?

This season isn’t the first time this feeling was evident. Growing up in Pittsburgh when Franco Harris caught that pass to give the Steelers a win over the Oakland Raiders was monumental and still remains a source of civic pride and passion.

This pride in the desire to achieve and overcome the odds may be inbred in us. Heck, in the Revolutionary War the colonists overcame the greatest military power on the globe at the time.

The Pirates of course aren’t on par with the colonists who suffered real loss of life in their pursuit of liberty. Let’s see. The French and Indian War began about 1754 with the colonists and the British on the same team and then it was 22 years later … oh, never mind.

It would be great to see the Pirates win the division this year. Then who knows what I could do.


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