The Inspiration and Beauty of Cindy Angelle

Posted on July 5, 2013


Cindy AngelleInspiration can filter through life’s bleakest challenges like a blade of grass finding the tiniest crack and pushing through concrete.

Cindy Angelle displays her appeal and beauty as an artist, model, and actress based in Atlanta. Gazing at the appealing photos on her website, the casual observer would never know she has lost a father to cancer, and tragically her sister aged 24 and a niece and a nephew at 16 months.

I interviewed her and asked how she has overcome the personal hurt and continued to pursue her entertainment goals like producing a fun and lively calendar.

“A lot of times I felt like I’d want to give up, but my sister and I had talked about our dreams and goals. She wanted to sing and I always felt like it’s up to me and our family and let her legacy live and to go so I had to keep going and I kept going. I couldn’t give up.”

Cindy has honed her craft for more than 13 years in entertainment. In addition to the calendar, she’s a vocalist and has worked with various A-listers in TV and film.

She lived in Los Angeles previously and when she relocated to Atlanta she mentioned how the metro region is buzzing with creativity.

“There’s a lot of entertainment out here like Tyler Perry’s studios and a lot of awards shows. Streets are often shutting down for shooting scenes and there are many independent films being produced. I have a lot of creative friends I hang with and another movie I’m doing. So it’s a great place to network.”

The need to constantly fine tune one’s craft and keep searching for opportunities can turn singers and actors into people who only look out for individual needs. Cindy’s experiences have shaped the 36-year-old artist so she’s also thinking about others.

“Proceeds from my calendar sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Someone is always losing a friend or loved one to cancer. I have my own company, Labelle, Inc. I look at myself as an entrepreneur and business woman in managing my career and in the future I want to help other artistsCindy Angelle's Calendar Preview energize their careers, too.”

For a close up look at Cindy, click here to visit her website Cindy and get a preview of her calendar and other projects.