Your feedback, please. Would you read an ebook on entrepreneur profiles?

Posted on June 28, 2013


I enjoy interviewing entrepreneurs and the write-ups have gone online sites where I publish regularly.

Many of the people have inspired me with how they got their ideas, the challenges they overcame, and the business lessons learned to pass along to others.

I’d like to begin rolling out ebooks on entrepreneur profiles from all industries.

Can you help me shape the books by answering a few questions?

  • What would make you interested in reading the profiles?
  • What elements would make the stories most interesting?
  • Would you be willing to buy brief ebooks featuring the entrepreneurs – say 5,000 words to 7,000 words?
  • Do you typically buy ebooks?

I see opportunities in publishing stories like these in more detail than what is currently possible online.

Feel free to comment with your answer below or email me at

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