Start up business lessons from a microbrewery in Vista, California

Posted on June 28, 2013


Late May, I stopped by Indian Joe Brewing in Vista, CA quite by accident. I returned to interview the owner Max Moran, the only Native American micro-brewer in the country.

San Diego County is a hotbed for miindian joe brewing sized 2crobrews.

Click here to read some of the lessons Max learned when he started the business.

Getting clearance from licensing was one of his biggest struggles. Investment had to be made in the equipment first and everything set up. It took a year.

Licensing could be an area where governments could make life easier for entrepreneurs.

Max said the process sent a friend of his in Orange County into bankruptcy.

The article is informative and Max has a couple of dozen wonderfully tasty brews. I drank a raspberry beer in a taster size glass and there were actual raspberry chunks right from the tap.