Pirates Beat Reds 10 – 7

Posted on April 14, 2013


My entry is focused on why I follow the Pirates even while living in So Cal.

Thanks to the digital age, following a team from thousands of miles away is easier than ever.

I’m from Pittsburgh and flocked to Three Rivers Stadium a few times each summer to catch a game when fans expected the Pirates to win or at least compete throughout the season.

My interest in sports waned and the busier I became with home and the ups and downs of jobs, the less attention I gave an interest that was removed.

Just like a blade of grass can eventually break through concrete, the dormant interest in the Pirates grew and sprouted and for the past few years I’ve watched highlights and caught them when they came to Los Angeles.

The 2012 team and the 2013 squad have personalities worth watching. I have respect for many members of the including Andrew McCutcheon who seems to be a stable leader and is focused on his craft.

Starling Marte holds tremendous offensive potential with his hitting and speed.

The Pirates symbolize hope against the odds and a desire to win despite the naysayers.

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